The Mental Cache


Well, not really. The whole idea came up through a specific realization. I caught myself looking at a situation the way it looked previously, and not how it looked at that particular time. To put in another way , instead of hitting refresh, I pulled up the cached file.

Then it struck me. We all have a mental cache! It’s always easier to look at things as you know it….but not necessarily how it appears.

You are guilty, aren’t you?

Admit it.

Now, don’t you feel better?

Now here I have developed my own cards to help me hit the refresh button. Hope they come in handy for you too. Anyone who knows me well will know some of these already. Just make sure you don’t spoil the surprise…..promise?

yesterdays_applause whats_the_objective message

find_the_link does_it_sound_different_than_it_looks break_that_habit

invert_the_pace break_another_habit proofread

turn_a_negative_into_a_positive what_else_can_it_be_used_for turn_it_upside_down