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It took me a while to find a home for all this material. Here’s 26 years of audio work with hopefully no end in sight.

John Lennon Tribute, 12.1980

We were all shocked when Lennon was murdered, but what was truly repulsive is how others made money on his death. We were running a Punk/New Wave/Reggae station at the time, but all the DJ’s at the station were right behind the ‘Magical Tragedy Tour’!

I believe as much in that statement now as I did when I made back then. BTW, this was ALL live!

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation Getting a Studio Tan

Here’s some studio fun back in December, 1980 with Uwe on the Sax.


This is a promo I did for our fund raising drive….February 1981

Columbo House Greatest Hits

Here was a chance to have some fun with production. This was put together in Spring, 1981

Last Dance at KALX

An excerpt from my last show at KALX. Again, another ALL LIVE production. You will notice these creative spasms run in 10 year intervals. Here’s the next installment.

Costa Rica

I bought a 4 Track Cassette Recorder when Paula and I moved back to Vienna back in ’89. After being 5-6 years in the “working world”, I felt a very strong need to at least try to do something creative. Utter perfection was not my goal. Just the chance to be expressive was good enough for me, and I don’t think my perspective on things has changed too much :-)

Here is a selection of some of the songs I put together around this time….1990-91

St. Tropes

Another harmless ditty


Actually, this song isn’t too bad…just needs more edge.

Montego Bay

This was my attempt to put a reggae song together back in ’91 for a local radio competition here in Vienna. With a REAL studio and REAL musicians, this would sound ok. Hope you all get a laugh out of my vocals.


Here’s where Ramsay Lewis meets New Order


My oldest daughter’s favorite song!!


Can’t really tell you what this reminds me of. Any input would be welcome.


Here’s another one where I can’t define where I stole it from…..more ‘vocals’ from me.


You have to remember this was recorded when House was big….kinda funky number…..’kinda’ in a psuedo-rythmic sort of way

2000 demo

The last extension concerns a demo I put together for a local station back in 2000. I tried to show that nothing in music has changed in 30 years. We just tend to forget easily….that’s all.

Part One - Listen

  • Action Time Vision – Alternative TV
  • Police Truck – Dead Kennedys
  • Rap
  • Remote Control – Beastie Boys
  • Devil’s Haircut – Beck
  • Rap
  • Religion – Public Image Ltd

Part Two - Listen

  • Radioaktivität – Kraftwerk
  • Rap
  • 20th Century Boy – T.Rex
  • Mirage – Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • Rap

Part Three - Listen

  • Rap
  • Sumpf -fuenfhaus posse
  • The Revoution will not be Televised – Gil Scott-Heron
  • Night of the Living Base Heads – Public Enemy
  • Rap

Part Four - Listen

  • Rap
  • The Sea – St. Etienne
  • Rap

Part Five - Listen

  • Rap
  • Levi Stubbs Tears – Billy Bragg
  • Mea Culpa – Brian Eno and David Byrne
  • Search and Destroy – The Stooges